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活動及推廣 (英文版)

2019年5月2日 星期四至2019年6月29日 星期六

Delectable Jiang Nan Delights

地點 : The Dragon

Be transported to the picturesque waterways of Hangzhou and the sizzling streets of Shanghai with The Dragon’s enticing “Jiang Nan Delights” menu. Throughout May and June, our chefs will present refined, exquisitely prepared dishes originating from this distinctive culinary region south of the Yangtze River including like Cherry Wood Smoked Pomfret with Asparagus in Pumpkin Foam ( 櫻桃木煙燻鯧魚), Braised Pork Belly With Preserved Vegetable ( 寶塔 千層肉). On Dim Sum to have Pan-Fried Dumplings Stuffed with Pork and Vegetable and Scallion ( 生煎菜肉餃) and Steamed Red Dates Stuffed with Glutinous Dumplings Flavoured with Rose ( 玫瑰糯米紅棗).