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About Us

The Hong Kong Bankers Club is a unique place which brings together professionals from all corners of the city’s financial community. Our Club provides a quiet and comfortable oasis in the heart of the central business district, where leading figures from Hong Kong’s financial engine can come to relax, meet each other and enjoy great food.

Affording some of the most spectacular views in Hong Kong, the Club is easy to get to and enjoyable to spend time in. Managed by Peninsula Clubs and Consultancy Services Limited, the Club is dedicated to the needs of our Members in catering to their exclusive business and social entertaining and private dining requirements.

At the same time, we also place great emphasis on creating a comfortable environment. Entering into the Club’s foyer, our Members and guests will be greeted by our friendly Receptionists, meanwhile admiring the large and contemporary statue which towers beside the stairwell. Bringing together East and West, this pagoda-shaped marble is emblematic of our region’s dual nature: a long and fascinating history combined with sharply modern skills and a fresh outlook. Decorated with care, our dining rooms and bar also feature original oil paintings and prints from Hong Kong’s classic age. Four appointed walls are currently hung with eye-catching and specially commissioned paintings by New York-based artist Gudrun Maria Gröting.

Beyond the physical space, The Hong Kong Bankers Club is a confluence of senior executives working at the heart of Hong Kong’s economy. It is a dynamic and yet cozy and exclusive environment providing excellent personalised services to Members who comfortably make the Club their second home.