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Thursday, 1 November 2018 to Monday, 31 December 2018

Sensational Seasonal Delicacies

Location: The Dragon

Sensational Seasonal Delicacies

Heat up your winter lunches and dinners with hearty, expertly prepared Chinese specialities in The
Dragon. Mouthwatering seasonal delicacies include Sea Snake Soup with Shredded Chicken, Fish Maw,
Chrysanthemum and Crisps ( 菊花海蛇羹); Braised Lamb Brisket with Black Mushrooms and Bamboo
Shoots in a Clay Pot Served with Vegetable ( 古法羊腩煲); Stir-Fried Crab Meat and Roe Served with
Crispy Rice and Lettuce ( 乾撈蟹粉配鍋粑) and more.